Together with world-renowned experts to write a reference Football Medicine book


Football Medicine merged together with world-renowned experts in the Sports Medicine field to develop and write a reference Sports Medicine book applied to Football: Injuries and Health Problems in Football – What everyone should know by Springer


Figure 1 – Injuries and Health problems in Football, what everyone should know

In these few years of existence – two years and half – Football Medicinehas already a lot of achievements to be proud of. However, the latest one is surely one of the most important ones.

Football Medicineprofessionals gathered with some of the greatest Sports Medicine experts in the World to develop what can possibly be the new reference book in Sports Medicine applied to Football – Injuries and Health Problems in Football: What everyone should know

Football Medicinewas invited not only to participate in some chapters of the book together with other authors, as was also gifted with the opportunity to write our own chapters regarding: pre-season screening, rehabilitation in football and muscle injuries. Below you can check the 7 chapters in which Football Medicinewas involved:


A. The Athlete in the Field




B. Hip, Groin and Thigh Injuries


C. Muscle Injuries in the Lower Limb





D. Concerns in Football

  • Preseason Evaluation
    Ruben Ferreira, João Pedro Araújo, Paulo Barreira, Nuno Loureiro, Wayne Diesel

Figure 2 – Examples of Football Medicine® chapters


It was with great pride that we participated in this reference book in Sports Medicine together with such an exceptional amount of professionals. Many thanks to ISAKOS and FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence – Espregueira Mendes Sports Centre for the invitation.

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    Viva caríssimos, antes demais os meus parabéns pelo livro.

    Em segundo lugar gostaria de o adquirir, podem ajudar?


    Rui Morbey
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