Awarded: one of the top15 Sports Medicine Podcasts Available Online!

By 18 March, 2020News

With the entire world going through rough moment and with a visible growth in content production, we’re glad to do our own part in spreading knowledge in several forms.

We’re happy to see that our purpose is being delivered and, due to this, the Football Medicine® Podcast has been awarded as one of the top15 Sports Medicine Podcasts of the world, ranked 11th in the Top 15 Sports Medicine Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020.

There are three groups that we have to thank for this acknowledgement:

Our brilliant team – You can check them here  and, since this award was due to the podcast form, special mention to Carlos Moreira, Micael Moreira and Mick McDermott.

Our followers – Whether you’re a football coach, a clinician, an athlete or even a sports fan, thank you for choosing our content to learn more about sports medicine. You are what motivates us to continue our work and every “Like” and “Share” you give us propels us to work more.

The Feedspot team- With more than 25 experts, this team maintains an updated list of popular blogs and podcasts, assessing these with objective criteria.

This award has been given by a criteria based ranking, with criteria such as:

  • Relevancy
  • Industry blogs (those not favoring a specific brand) are given higher rank than blogs by individual brands(who often tend to promote their own products).
  • Blog post frequency(freshness)
  • Social media follower counts and engagements
  • Domain authority
  • Age of a blog
  • Alexa Web Traffic Rank and many other parameters


To everyone during these rough times, stay strong and make the most out of this time. For example, by making sure you’ve listened to all the podcasts already published by Football Medicine®.

P.S.: High five to the team behind this modern RSS Reader, Feedspot!

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