Ruben Ferreira is a Portuguese physiotherapist currently working in Al Jazira Sports Club – Abu Dhabi, who has a great passion: Sports Medicine! He started his academic career in IPSN – Vale do Sousa Superior School of Health (Portugal) and was during his bachelor degree that he realised sports medicine was his passion within the rehabilitation field. For this reason, he started his experience as a sports physiotherapist in CDUP rugby team in Portugal, still during his graduation time.

After graduation, he started working in a private clinic and dealing with a variety of athletes from different sports. A short time was needed for Ruben to receive an invitation to join SC Braga as football physiotherapist, which motivated his first experience in this sport; at that time Ruben was only 23 years old. This was a very important step in his career once this gave him the opportunity to improve and explore his return-to-field skills out from a clinic perspective into a football club setting, alongside with practice in a football club setup. That time was very rich for Ruben in terms of knowledge and expertise acquisition in sports medicine once, along with this SC Braga’s project, he also worked in a private company dedicated to athletes’ performance enhancement and injury prevention programs, mainly in football players.

Ruben kept his skills and knowledge improvement in sports physiotherapy attending several courses in manual therapy, injury prevention and performance enhancement, while maintained his academic career progression by undergoing a Master Degree in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy in ESTSP – Oporto’s Superior Health and Technology School. In 2013, Ruben Ferreira was challenged to be a Certified Kinesio Taping Instructor (CKTI) of the Kinesio Taping Association International (KTAI). That challenge was accepted and accomplished, turning Ruben into the 2nd Portuguese CKTI and the youngest one until now. Since then, he has been teaching the Kinesio Taping Method® to several students around the world.

Apart from this CKTI project, Ruben as also worked as lecturer in a post-graduation course in Exercise Physiology at the time he was still living in Portugal, teaching about strength methodologies, motor control and injury prevention strategies. During his academic career Ruben developed some research projects, studying the effect of mental strategies in the recovery of central muscular fatigue and also the symmetry of the TrA/OI’s onset timing during arm elevation activities.

Ruben Ferreira’s first experience abroad started in 2013, when he was invited to join Dr. João Pedro Araújo’s medical staff in Al Ahli Football Club – Dubai, remaining there during two seasons. That was a marking period for him once he won three titles (Arabian Gulf League Champion 2013/14; Arabian Gulf Cup Champion 2013/14 and Arabian Gulf Supercup 2014/15), was still two times Vice-Champion in President’s Cup competition in both seasons and achieved a historical classification to the quarter-finals of the Asian Champions League 2015; those were the brightest seasons in the history of all United Arab Emirates’ clubs. In 2014, the Dubai Sports Council awarded Ruben Ferreira, along with Al Ahli FC’s medical team, with the title of 2013/14 season’s best medical team.

As a product of his passionated and dedicated efforts on Sports Medicine and Al Ahli FC, during the 2015 off-season period, Ruben Ferreira was rewarded with an offer from Al Jazira Sports Club – Abu Dhabi to, together with his Football Medicine Team, start a project to develop Al Jazira Sports Club Medical Department and according to their Football Medicine® method and state-of-the-art Sports Medicine approaches.