A refreshed website with a new team and a wider concept

By 2 June, 2018Home, News

We are proud to announce the latest developments on our Football Medicine®project. Since 2015, our project has been growing progressively, arriving a time that the desire to deliver better and more content to our followers led us to think big and develop a new concept inside Football Medicine®.

From now on, Football Medicine®will deliver contents not only focused on Sports Medicine, but also with special focus on Sports Science, Nutrition and Educational purposes, by means of six new sections of our website: Medical, RehabilitationSports ScienceNutrition, Podcast and Education&Research.

For that to be possible, Football Medicine® integrated a brand-new team of professionals working on the field, in order to deliver you the best and latest contents regarding Football Medicine and Science.

Keep following us to check the next developments of our project!

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