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Besides being in off-season period during last month, Football Medicine remained quite active in its scientific and educational projects.


Football Medicine highlighted in the 9th Portuguese Congress of Physiotherapy

Football Medicine project was highlighted in the 9th Portuguese Congress of Physiotherapy due to its innovation and wide range reaching of health and sports professionals.

Football Medicine was presented to the audience in Renato Andrade’s keynote (physiotherapist) with the theme “Physiotherapy’s Future in the Communication / Social Networks’ impact on investigation and on the junior physiotherapists”.

During his presentation, Football Medicine website was considered as one of the best examples of well succeeded medical networking and communication, reaching already more than 151 countries in the world with relevant Sports Medicine information and discussion topics.



Football Medicine Professionals were teaching their skills during off-season period

Our Certified Kinesio Taping Instructor was challenged to teach his skills in the beginning of this month. The course – KT3 (Advanced Course by KTAI) – was promoted and held in Bwizer company in Portugal. Besides being held in Portuguese territory, this course was also attended by foreign professionals.

Football Medicine contributed to a Chapter in a new Portuguese Sports Medicine Book

Football Medicine professionals contributed in a chapter for the new Portuguese Sports Medicine Book Traumatologia Desportiva (Sports Traumatology) from the Sporting Lisbon Doctor Pedro Pessoa and the former Portuguese National Team Doctor Henrique Jones.




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