Football Medicine and training methodology

Football Medicine and training methodology Part I: Are you still running around the pitch? Football as a…

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4x3x2 football medicine approach muscle injury rehabilitation flowchart

Muscle Injury Rehabilitation’s Flow-Chart: Football Medicine® 4x3x2 Approach

Following our article regarding muscle injuries rehabilitation and also as a way to reply to all the questions…

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Football Medicine got inside the Transfer Market this Season

  Football Medicine got inside the Transfer Market this Season, signing with Al Jazira Sports Club –…

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off season football medicine

No place for off-season inside Football Medicine

Besides being in off-season period during last month, Football Medicine remained quite active in its scientific and…

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strength diagnosis in soccer

Strength diagnosis in soccer

Following his first article The importance of maximum strength on soccer our friend Francisco Tavares from Pure…

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Football Medicine and muscle injuries rehabilitation

Muscle healing and the role of early eccentric muscle contractions Muscle injuries are common in football practice.…

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Al Ahli Medical Department’s Motivational Video for Nawaf Mubarak

Last Sunday was another happy day for the Football Medicine® Team once we had the privilege to…

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Figure 18 - Majed Hassan playing with a Kinesio Taping application after returning from injury together with his testimonial about Kinesio Taping benefits

Kinesio Taping in Sports: Does the existing evidence match your clinical practice?

Introduction Sport is an environment where competition is always present, inside and outside the field, leading its…

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Arabian Gulf Supercup Award Ceremony

Football Medicine raised the Arabian Gulf Supercup Trophy this past weekend

  Arabian Gulf Supercup winners Football Medicine professionals – João Pedro Araújo, Paulo Barreira and Ruben Ferreira…

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maximum strength on soccer

The importance of maximum strength on soccer

At Football Medicine we welcome external contribution from sports professionals . Our friend Francisco Tavares, from Pure…

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