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Football MedicineⓇ joins Cristiano Ronaldo for the Semi-Finals of the FIFA Club World Cup 2017

After defeating the Champion of the Asian Champions League 2017 in the Quarter-Finals of the FIFA Club…

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Football Medicine®️ is in the Fifa Club World Cup 2017

Football Medicine®️ is proud to participate in the prestigious FIFA Club World Cup 2017 representing Al Jazira…

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Why did my player get injured? A flowchart brought to you by Football Medicine

Why did my player get injured?

As we all know, preventing/reducing injuries’ incidence is one of the biggest challenges in professional sports teams,…

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Together with world-renowned experts to write a reference Football Medicine book

Football MedicineⓇ merged together with world-renowned experts in the Sports Medicine field to develop and write a…

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It's the question of the day at Football Medicine!

In the Era of functional exercise: is squatting enough? Or is there still a role for the leg-extension?

Introduction The leg-extension machine has been used extensively for decades in gyms and clinics, either to improve…

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Fatigue, Football Vital Sign – Football Medicine insights about how fatigue affects your players´ management

Several research has been performed about fatigue in football (4,9,15,20,25) and particular attention should be paid to…

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Hamstring injuries return-to-play criteria

This is a must read article with the collaboration of Football Medicine® and our partners from Porto…

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Paulo Barreira just concluded his PhD and therefore we are all celebrating here at Football Medicine!

Paulo Barreira completed his PhD

PhD: check! Paulo Barreira, Football Medicine® team member, concluded his PhD at Liverpool John Moores University with the…

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How days between matches should affect your training and prevent injuries? – A Football Medicine® perspective

Days between matches: how should they affect your training and prevent injuries In professional football, load management…

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Football Medicine® returns to the top of the WTA rank

Football Medicine® was proudly supporting the number 9 WTA ranked Russian athlete – Svetlana Kuznetsova – during…

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