Athletic Pubalgia Rehabilitation by Football Medicine

Athletic Pubalgia Rehab Presentation


Last FebruaryAthletic Pubalgia Rehabilitation 7, Football Medicine was present at Jornadas Saude Atlantica 2015.

We had already published our keynote about Muscle Injuries also presented at Jornadas Saude Atlantica 2015, by Dr. João Pedro Araújo.

Now, we present you the keynote displayed by our physiotherapist Paulo Barreira at the same event. This presentation talks about the Athletic Pubalgia Rehabilitation.


You can access the document here:

Jornadas Saúde Atlantica Paulo Barreira Pubalgia Rehab



Posted on 10 February, 2015 in Home, Sports Medicine

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    • Blondie
      11 April, 2015 at 7:50 · Reply

      That’s a creative answer to a diilucfft question

      • Football Medicine
        13 April, 2015 at 18:00 · Reply


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